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Shelter System is a range of high quality, robust, modular steel shelters and associated fittings and accessories. The range includes shelters available in a choice of dimensions, all individually designed and adapted for a wide range of markets. The simple modular, bolt together design allows a standard 3.8metre x 3.8metre unit to be assembled and secured by two people in under two hours.

UniShels Shelter Systems Specifics


The UniShels shelter range is designed and manufactured in-house, drawing upon many years of steelwork fabrication and engineering knowledge. The unique modular designs are built to last, and we encourage potential customers to contact us to discuss the use and benefits of our range of shelters. In addition to our existing wide range of shelters we offer a bespoke design service and would be happy to discuss your individual requirements. Contact us with your specifications and we can prepare an estimate for you.


- Base shelter is 3.80 metres wide by 3.80 metres long by 2.70 metres high (approximately 12ft x 12ft x 9ft).
- Width: the standard width can be increased by 1.20 metres or 1.80 meters, with the addition of central roof section.
- Length: the length is infinite as you simply bolt on additional main-side frames to increase the length in increments of 1.80 metres (approximately 6ft) per set of frames.
- Height: the height of your shelter can be increased by up to 2.10 metres (approximately 7ft) for uses such as campervans, boats, and storage of tall or bulky items.

The versatile modular system is constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance materials. The registered, “NoFlex” structural framing system is constructed from a 50mm x 25mm steel box section and galvanised to standard BS EN ISO 1461:2009 for long-life and durability, with a high resistance to corrosion. All steelwork is covered by a 10 year guarantee (conditions apply)

Roof Covering

Roof and upper side panels are manufactured from heavy-duty, reinforced, seam-welded 610 gsm, fire-retardant PVC that meets and exceeds BS7837:1996 (this material is the same as you see on HGV truck and trailer bodies). They are secured with an internal ratchet strapping system, fixed to the steel framework for maximum safety and security. The roof covering is available in a wide range of colours and printing options.

Lower side panels

Lower side panels can be clad in a choice of materials depending upon your specific needs, environment and budget, including exterior-grade plywood, recycled plastic stock board, coloured, weatherproof aluminium-faced board, perforated galvanised sheet, or traditional timber boards. In certain applications it may not be necessary to have solid lower panels. With such applications the PVC roof covering can extended to cover lower panels in place of the solid boards.


To allow natural daylight into your UniShels Shelter there is the option to have crystal clear, or if you prefer more privacy, then our opaque mesh windows seam welded into the roof covering. See our image gallery for more details.

The UniShels Roof System

The registered design of the UniShels “NoFlex” roof truss system is a self-supporting framework, bolted securely to the upright mainframes to give maximum internal head height, unit rigidity, strength and structural integrity. The dome-shaped roof design allows for efficient water and wind dispersion while also maximising internal head room.


- Design flexibility to suit your requirements.
- Simple bolt together assembly
- Extendable and portable to suit your individual needs.
- Minimal foundation preparation required
- Swift UK-wide delivery (in 7 – 10 Days), and/or erection service available.
- 10 year guarantee on structural parts.

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