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The Company

Manufactured in the UK

The UniShels shelter range has been designed and is manufactured by METICOMP Group UK in Northumberland. The team here at UniShels is dedicated to delivering common sense, top-quality, and fantastic value-for-money products. We use only UK-sourced materials and services in our product range. We are a constantly evolving company committed to innovation and we review our designs on a regular basis to bring you the very best of British design and values.

In recent years, METICOMP Group UK has headed up design projects for a wide range of products across a varied market place. A Facebook page is available to illustrate the variety of METICOMP Group UK projects.

The UniShels Brand

The UniShels shelter system brand is owned by METICOMP Group UK. At UniShels, we know you will appreciate the design and quality of our UniShels shelter products. Our core belief is designing products using top-quality, long-life materials that are brought together to offer you products that are fit for purpose and will save you money over time.

At UniShels, we strive to provide a top-quality, affordable, and long-lasting alternative to current market offerings. The UniShels product is completely recyclable, which means the low-life cycle costs add further value to our shelter solutions. As the UniShels shelter is so easy to deploy or relocate, buying a UniShels shelter is a great investment, and because our shelters are built to last, with replaceable parts, they are able to be sold on after use.

Our Approach

Our approach to UniShels shelter system product sales embraces a ‘cradle to grave’ process, which means we are here to assist you from customer requirements right through to the cleaning and maintenance of your chosen products, and, ultimately, advising on the recycling of your retired product.

Customer Care

The UniShels customer care and technical team are here to support your purchase from your first contact through to the design, manufacture, and installation of your shelter. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service. Our aim is to supply high-quality designs, value for money services, and robust products that exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our shelter designs will provide practical solutions for your shelter requirements that will far outlast other products in the market. With this in mind, our shelters provide flexibility as they can be adapted, expanded, and easily moved from location to location. They are easily dismantled, inspected, relocated, flat-packed, cleaned, and stored for future use.

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