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Take a look at our purpose-built shelters to see how versatile the product is. Although each product listed below is the same base unit, they are adapted by adding components such as internal dividers, full-height doors, side entrance doors, and roof extension frames.

EquiShel – for the Equine Market

Horses should have access to a dry, safe, well-ventilated, comfortable shelter to protect them from the elements. In warm and sunny weather, the shelter will provide your companions with much-needed shade and relief from biting insects. The beauty of the EquiShel run-in field shelter is it has been designed to be fit-for-equine use; unlike many market offerings, the EquiShel field shelters have vertical sides, allowing the entire footprint of the unit to be utilised and providing a class-leading head height of 2.7 metres. The EquiShel unit is also ideal for dry storage of that expensive forage and bedding!

StockShel – Livestock Shelters and Storage Solutions

StockShel units are a superior-quality enclosure that has been exclusively designed to shelter small livestock such as sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas from extreme heat, wind, rain, and snow. With the option of cladding the StockShel shelter unit with hygienic plastic stock board or perforated galvanised sheet, the unit is easy to clean and well ventilated, with minimum maintenance required. The StockShel unit can easily be divided for lambing, using our internal pen partitions or by utilising your own hurdles and gates.


AutoShel – Vehicle Storage and Workspaces

Looking for an extra bit of garage space? The AutoShel shelter can offer you the privacy, security, and shelter you require when working on your vehicles.

WorkShel – Weatherproof Outdoor Workspaces

The WorkShel system has been specifically designed for businesses that would like to take advantage of outdoor spaces and create covered, temporary workspaces. The heavy-duty materials used in manufacturing provide a temporary, weatherproof, robust, and long-lasting workspace solution that will add value to your business while utilising external space.

BoatShel – Secure Workspaces and Storage for the Sailing Sector

A boat is a significant investment so you want to be sure that you can protect it. The BoatShel shelter represents a major step forward in protecting your craft’s structural integrity from the elements while improving security as it can be securely locked. The BoatShel shelter allows for an all-year-round, covered maintenance workspace.

GardenShel – Covered Entertainment Spaces

GardenShel covered entertainment structures are the perfect addition to any home, allowing you to spend more time outside in your garden. The robust structure and customisable features, such as coloured side panels or printed roof coverings, are great for giving you a private, light and airy entertainment area that will stand up to the worst of weather conditions.

EventShel – Covered Areas for the Hospitality Sector

If your company regularly exhibits at outdoor events, then the EventShel covered hospitality unit is a must have. The EventShel unit is specifically designed to stand up to the rigours and abuse of event life. Easy to assemble and securely bolted together, the steel framework is galvanised to standard BS EN ISO 1461:2009. The covers are manufactured from heavy-duty, reinforced, seam-welded, 610 gsm, fire-retardant PVC that meets and exceeds BS7837:1996, to ensure the EventShel unit will stand up to the worst of the unpredictable UK weather.

SiteShel – Protected On-Site Workspaces for Construction Companies

Manage the impact of adverse weather conditions on construction projects with our SiteShel covered workspace solutions. Whatever size or stage of your construction project, we have a range of covered workspace solutions for project and site managers, designed to minimise the weather's impacts, giving you peace of mind to focus on the build. Available options include internal fittings such as electric hook-up, lights, heavy-duty workbenches, secure tool storage, and heating.

HireShel – Covered Workspaces for the Hire Market

Any tradesmen and contractors who work outdoors know just how much chaos the UK weather can bring to work schedules and project deadlines. These common occurrences always have a negative financial effect on both contractors and project managers’ forecasts, mainly as a result of downtime, leading to penalty clauses incurred when missing deadlines. The range of HireShel covered workspace solutions provides a dry, secure environment, regardless of external factors.


CamperShel – Weather Protection and Storage for Your Motorhome or Caravan

Storing your caravan or motorhome out-of-season is a challenge. Enjoy the advantage of having a CamperShel shelter unit at your own home so you can access your vehicle at all times, helping you to keep on top of any maintenance or general upkeep. Although designed to live outside, the benefits of keeping your RV under cover are well documented. The CamperShel shelter unit is high and wide enough to cover even the largest of caravans and motorhomes, as long as there is a suitable level surface for secure installation. We can design and build bespoke shelters to suit your individual needs, so get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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