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UniShels Shelter Installation

The type of ground fixings required for securing your UniShels unit will depend on the ground surface where the installation will take place. With soft surfaces, we always recommend our storm-force ground anchors. These easily installed, screw-in fixings are supplied in three different lengths; 500mm, 650mm, and 900mm, offering a range of holding capabilities for varied environments.

• The UniShels storm-force ground anchor 500mm length tested to 560kg/5.60kn.
• The UniShels storm-force ground anchor 650mm length tested to 960kg/9.60kn.
• The UniShels storm-force ground anchor 900mm length tested to 1,260kg/12.60kn.

Our range of ground anchors are re-usable and are easy to install and remove. Alternatively, your UniShels unit can be securely located using our heavy-duty fixings that are concreted into the ground. If you have solid surfaces, such as concrete, your unit will be supplied with installation baseplates, which are welded to the mainframes and allow for the secure attachment of your UniShels unit to concrete or asphalt. For all surface conditions, your UniShels unit can be installed by securing the unit to suitable ballast, such as water-filled ISO cube tanks or large hay bales. In all cases, the installation surface must be as level as possible to achieve the best results.

Important Information

We always recommend that you speak to one of our team about installation procedures and guidance, just to ensure correct installation fixings for your specific environments are used.

Internal Fittings and Accessories

At UniShels, we can also supply a range of optional components specifically designed for individual uses of the UniShels Shelter System, such as end gates and doors (full- and half-height), side access gates and doors (full- and half-height), steel work benches, secure locker spaces, internal dividers for lambing stalls, and benches for seating.

Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair

Inspection of your UniShels product is important to ensure the best performance, and should be carried out on a regular basis. Although your UniShels unit is an extremely robust design with almost zero maintenance, accidental damage caused by everyday use, such as impact or collision from vehicles, kicks from livestock, or tears or splits in the canvas caused by extreme weather, should be identified and attended to immediately. Damage, if left untreated, can lead to much more expensive repairs. Here at UniShels, we can advise on everyday repairs such as repair kits for eyelets or PVC covers and replacement steel components. If your UniShels unit was subject to considerable damage as a result of a storm or vandalism for example, we can provide you with replacement parts.

Assembly Videos  

A short animation demonstrating the simple assembly sequence of the UniShels shelter system unit.

A short video showing the assembly sequence of the HayPro Forage Feed System.

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